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Adding a domain name to an ESX host

If an ESX host has a blank domain name, BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management performance data for that ESX host will not be displayed in the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management Administrator Console. To prevent this, use the following procedure to ensure that your ESX hosts have a domain name.

Before you begin

Your login ID must have the permissions needed to modify the vCenter host.

To add a domain name to an ESX host

  1. Log into the target vCenter by using the vCenter client.
  2. Click the ESX host that needs a domain name.
  3. Click the Configuration tab.
  4. In the Software section on the left side, click DNS and Routing.
  5. Click Properties... in the upper-right corner.
    The DNS and Routing Configuration dialog box is displayed as shown in the following figure.
  6. Add the domain name in the dialog box.
  7. Click OK.
    The domain name is added to the ESX host.

To check that the domain name has been populated for the ESX host

  1. Open the Managed Object Browser (MOB) and log into https://<VCenter Name/IP Address>/mob
  2. Select Content > SearchIndex > FindBylp.
  3. Specify the following values for the listed parameters:



    datacenter (optional)

    (leave blank)

    ip (required)

    Specify the IP address of the ESX host



  4. Click Invoke Method.
    This command searches for the target ESX host by using the specified IP address.
  5. Click the resulting ESX host link.
  6. When the results appear, select config > network > dnsConfig.
    A dialog box is displayed that contains domainName in the Properties table.

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