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Preparing for installation

Before you start installing products in the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management solution, ensure that you review and fulfill the following requirements as outlined for each product.



System requirements

Hardware and software requirements for each product in the solution, which includes browser, database, and operating system requirements.

Prerequisites for installation, installation order, and product dependencies

Order of installation for each product in the solution. Several products in the solution require another product to be installed first.

Setting up the installation environment

After you ensure that your computer has the required software applications, you must configure your target computers for the installation. For example, pre-create databases for products that require it and set up your operating system environment.

Snapshot and backup checkpoints

A part of the requirements for a successful installation of the solution also includes backing up of product databases and taking snapshots of VMs or physical hosts. Doing so ensures that you can revert to a previous successful installation stage in the case of a failed installation.

Where to go from here

Installation process overview

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