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Creating objects in BMC Server Automation

You must perform the following configuration tasks in BMC Server Automation so that BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management can provision VMs and bare metal machines:

  • Create virtual guest packages (VGPs) as objects and store them in the Depot. VGPs can be used to deploy:
    • A new VMware virtual machine (VM) on a VMware vCenter server
    • A new VM on a Citrix XenServer
    • A new LPAR on an IBM frame
    • A new VM on a Microsoft Hyper-V host
  • Create system packages as objects and store them in the Depot. System packages are used by BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management to perform unattended installations of operating systems onto new machines (bare metal machines) or to reprovision existing machines. System packages are a consistent, logical way to represent the values passed to the operating system installer. Optionally, a system package can also run a job to further configure the server. You should set up a different system package for each type of server you plan to provision.

The following topics provide instructions:

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