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Registering resource providers

Before BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management can use a resource provider, you must first register an instance of that resource provider. For overview information, see Resource provider overview.

The default provider instances are registered while running the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management installation program and do not need to be registered again. Only new resource providers, including new instances of current resource providers, custom resource providers, and third-party resource providers, need to be registered using this procedure.


To create a provider instance, see ProviderDefinition class.

To register a provider

  1. From the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management Administration Console, click the vertical Workspaces menu on the left side of the window and select Providers.
  2. On the Providers page, click the Register icon .
  3. In the Register Provider dialog box, choose the Provider Type.

  4. To continue provider registration, choose one of the following procedures, depending on the provider you selected:

After you register a resource provider, you can then onboard resources from that provider as described in Editing and removing resources.

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