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Adding additional system disks to a service blueprint

You can specify the number and size of the system disks for a service offering by defining them in the compute resources section of the service blueprint deployment definition for the service offering. In the deployment definition, you can tag each system disk individually to drive storage placement decisions on a per-disk basis and specify post-deployment actions such as formatting the system disks. The following figure shows the user interface for defining system disk resources in a service blueprint:

A post-deployment action is executed only once. It does not operate on each system disk that you specify. If you want to perform an action on each system disk, you must program that behavior into your workflow or script. Store your scripts in the BMC Server Automation Depot/CSM_Scripts folder. You can download a sample BMC Server Automation Network Shell (NSH) script that formats system disks to use as an example while creating your own scripts.

For more information about defining system disk resources in a service blueprint, see the following topics:

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