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Creating a physical location for a pod

Before you can create a pod, you must create a site in the Physical Location form on the BMC Remedy AR System Server and BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite server.

  1. Create a direct access URL link to the Physical Location form using the mid-tier server and port.
    Specify a valid enterprise BMC Remedy AR System server (EAR Host in the accompanying syntax example) in the URL. The direct access link follows this format:
    http://<Mid-Tier Host>:<Mid-Tier Port>/arsys/forms/<EAR Host>/BMC.CORE:BMC_PhysicalLocation
  2. Enter values for the following (all fields are required unless otherwise noted):
    • Name (required)
    • Short Description (optional)
    • DatasetId (BMC.ASSET)
    • StateOrProvince (optional, located on the Specification tab)
    • City
    • Company (optional, located on the Custom 2 tab)
    • Description
  3. Click Save.

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