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Adding a customer price or delivery cost to an option, service, or request action

When defining an option, service, or request action, you can use the Price Editor to include optional customer prices or the Cost Editor to include an optional delivery cost. The fields in the Price Editor and the Cost Editor are the same. The only difference is their function.

Customer Price

Amount charged to the customer for the option choice.

Delivery Cost

Amount that it costs to offer the option choice. This cost can include real cost, notational costs (such as staffing time), and depreciation.

To add a customer price or delivery cost to an option, service, or request action

  1. Click Add new price to open the Price Editor, or click Add new cost to open the Cost Editor.
  2. Enter a name (for example, Per Instance).
  3. Update the Currency.
    You use this same series of steps to update Units or Period. For example:
    1. From Currency, select a currency type (for example, EUR) to override your previous default settings.
      The default is USD.
      The editor now displays Make this my default.
    2. (optional) Click Make this my default.
      This is my default now appears.
  4. Enter the amount of the price or cost.
    For example, enter 2000 or 2,000.
  5. From Units, select a unit of measure.
    Instance is the default. You can also choose Allocated Memory MB, CPU Usage MHz-Hour, GB (Storage), Memory Avg Usage GB, Network GB Down, Network GB Up, Storage Avg Usage GB, or Uptime Days.
  6. From Period, select a time period.
    You can choose Hour, Day, Week, Month (the default), Quarter, Year, a One-Time charge, or Other.
  7. Click Save.
    The settings appear in the Base Customer Price or Base Delivery Costfields.


    See the Known and corrected operational issues for currency limitations in this release.

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