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Creating or modifying an operation

You can create various operations (for example, start) on the software components in your service definition. The Operations area of the Service Definition tab in the Service Blueprints Definition editor is shown in the following figure.


BMC currently supports only start and stop operations. Defining operations is optional for the basic functionality of service blueprints.

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Before you begin

You cannot define any start or stop operations for the component level until you have defined them at the software packages level. This applies to all components in your service definition. As a result, if you added a component that includes the OS but no software packages, you cannot define any component-level stop or start operations.

To create or modify an operation

  1. In the Service Blueprints Definition editor, click the Service Definition tab.
  2. Click Operations.
  3. Select an operation (for example, stop).
  4. In Operations to perform on Components, click New .
  5. From the Component menu in the Operation Details box, select the component (for example, Web Tier).
  6. Select the operation (for example, stop).
  7. Click OK to close the Operation Details dialog box.
  8. Rearrange the numerical sequence by selecting the operation and then dragging it to its new order in the column.
  9. Click Save.

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