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Building service blueprints

Service blueprints define the software, hardware, and deployment options for a service in the Service Catalog. A service blueprint is required before you can create a service. For service blueprint overview information, see Service blueprints overview.

For more information about building service blueprints, see the following topics:

Before you begin

  • You must create and publish to the Product Catalog at least one Virtual Guest Package (VGP) and one System Package (SP) from BMC Server Automation, as described in Creating objects in BMC Server Automation.
    Service blueprints require a system package to be published to the Product Catalog even if your VGP already defines the OS. This allows the service blueprint's Service Definition to be decoupled and authored independently from the blueprint's Service Deployment Definition.
    After the VGP and SP have been added to the Product Catalog, you then can select them as an Installable Resource when you create the service blueprint. For more information, see Creating service deployment definitions and resource sets.
  • If you want to modify existing service blueprints, ensure that Submitter Mode on the Licenses tab in BMC Remedy AR System is set to Changeable. If the Submitter Mode is not set to Changeable (that is, it is set to Locked), any entries in a service blueprint that one user creates cannot be changed by another user. For example, if one cloud administrator defines settings for a service blueprint, another cloud administrator cannot change those settings. For more information on setting Submitter Mode, see Enabling submitters to modify requests.

To create a service blueprint

  1. Create a service blueprint, as described in Creating or modifying a service blueprint.
  2. Define the component connections, as described in Creating or modifying a connection.
  3. Define the component operations, as described in Creating or modifying an operation.
  4. Define the service deployment definition and resource sets, as described in Creating service deployment definitions and resource sets.

After creating a service blueprint, you can use the blueprint when creating a service, as described in Creating cloud services.

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