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Assigning a tag to an object

When used in policies, tags and tag groups help to determine the placement of user-requested services within the cloud.
You can create policy tags and assign them to:

For a suggested tagging strategy, see Tagging recommendations and examplesTo create or manage tag groups and tags from the Service Blueprint workspace, see Managing service blueprint tags.

Before you begin

Before you can assign a tag to an object, you must create tag groups and tags, as described in Creating and using tags and tag groups.

To assign a policy tag to an object

  1. When creating or editing one of the taggable objects, click the tag icon
    The Tag Details dialog box is displayed, and the table lists the tag groups and tags that are currently associated to the object that you are tagging.

  2. From the menu next to Tag Group, select a tag group.
  3. From the menu next to Tag, select a tag.
  4. Click Add.
    The selected tag group and tag are added to the table.
  5. Click Save.

The tag is assigned to the object from which you launched the Tag Details dialog box. The tag name followed by the tag group in brackets is added to the Tags field for the object (for example: SLA[Gold]).

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