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Defining Service Catalog entries for vCloud

In the Service Catalog workspace, you can define vCloud entries as you would other BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management entries, but with the following exceptions:

  • Host name customization is not enabled.
  • You cannot modify options such as CPU or RAM. The CPU and RAM values are defined on the vApp template and cannot be changed by using  BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.

To define a Service Catalog entry

The following example shows a vCloud Service Catalog entry being created:

Although you can enter and save options and other features, they do not have any effect on the Service Catalog entry.

See Creating cloud services and related topics for more information about creating and modifying service catalog entries.


When creating the requestable offering definition for a vCloud service, be sure that you specify vCloud in the Type drop-down list, as in the following example:

See Creating a requestable offering for the complete procedure.

Where to go from here

After you define your vCloud Service Catalog entry, you can create the vCloud service offering instance.

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