Monitoring cloud services in your organization

As a cloud tenant administrator, you use the data available from My Cloud Services Console to monitor the usage of resources by your cloud end users in your organization’s cloud.

Details tabs

When you highlight a service instance in the Service Instances list, the Details pane displays information about that service instance on the Summary tab:

The information displayed depends on the status and type of service that you highlight, but typical information can include:

  • The name and description of the service
  • Commission and decommission dates
  • Any service requests related to the service instance (If a service request exists, clicking the associated link displays request details provided by BMC Remedy Action Request System.)
  • Pricing information (Clicking the Details link displays more detailed pricing information.)
  • The functional components that compose the service and the status of each (which can differ from their functional status displayed in the Service Instances list)

When you double-click a service instance in the Service Instances list to drill down to the server level, typical information that you can see includes:

  • The network container to which the service belongs
  • IP addresses assigned to the service
  • The software that is deployed on the service
  • Any attached storage resources

In addition to this information displayed at the server level, a Usage tab appears at the bottom of the Details pane:

Clicking the Usage tab collapses the Summary tab and displays a graphical chart with CPU and memory utilization statistics for virtual clusters, virtual hosts, or VMs, depending on what service instance that you selected.

Pending activities

When background activity is required from a command issued in the user interface, the Pending Activity section displays the progress and status of the background activity. You can:

  • Remove a completed activity record from the Pending Activity table by selecting the record and clicking the Delete Activity icon .
  • Get detailed error information about a failed activity by selecting the record and clicking Advanced Error Information icon .
  • Click the Refresh icon  in the Pending Activity section to refresh the table.


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