Tracking installation progress

You might encounter situations in which the installer is performing installation tasks on a given target host, but the progress is not visible in the installer interface. To monitor and track the progress of the installation of BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management, perform the following steps on each of the product hosts:

  1. Verify that the installation binary files are copied in the temporary directory on the target host.
    For information about the product-specific temporary directory names, see Temporary directory for installation binaries.
  2. Review the messages, date, and time stamp in the following log files:
    • rscd.log located at C:\Program Files\BMC Software\BladeLogic\RSCD on Microsoft Windows and /opt/bmc/rscd/NSH/log/ on Linux
    • Product installation logs
      For example, for the BMC Remedy AR System & IT Service Mgt. Suite installation, review the bmcremedyitsmsuitepreconfiguredstack_install_log.txt file. All installation log files are located at C:\Windows\Temp on Windows and /tmp on Linux. For information about log files for specific products in the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management solution, see Verifying the installation.
  3. Review the planner_installation_log.txt log file located at C:\Users\<loggedOnUser>\AppData\Local\Temp on Windows and /tmp on Linux.
    This log file records all installer activities during the entire solution installation.

Temporary directory for installation binaries

Before the installer launches the installation activity on target hosts, installation binaries are copied to a temporary directory on the target host. The name of the temporary directory varies depending on the product that you are installing. The following table list these temporary directory names for each product in the solution:

Product name

Temporary directory

BMC Remedy AR System & IT Service Mgt. Suite


BMC Remedy AR System Server – Cloud Database


BMC Atrium Core – Web Registry


BMC Remedy AR – Mid-Tier


BMC Server Automation – App Server & Console


PXE Server


BMC Network Automation


BMC Atrium Orchestrator


BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management – Central Server


BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management – Central Server


BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management – DCH


Cloud Database Extensions


Platform Manager


Cloud Portal Extensions


Where to go from here

Verifying the installation
Configuration post-installation

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