Integrating with BMC Helix Virtual Agent

BMC Helix Virtual Agent is a software application that allows users to interact in a conversational interface to resolve their issues. BMC Helix Virtual Agent interacts with you using natural language and based on that communication, reports issues, creates requests and cases, or searches for knowledge articles. 

License requirements

BMC Helix Virtual Agent is available as a separately licensed product. To use the BMC Helix Cloud Cost capabilities in BMC Helix Virtual Agent, purchase a license for BMC Helix Virtual Agent.

For details about BMC Helix Virtual Agent, see  BMC Helix Virtual Agent. Open link

BMC Helix Cloud Cost is integrated with BMC Helix Virtual Agent. As an administrator you can perform the following tasks through a chat conversation:

  • Request and view the budget for a business service or resource pool
  • View and analyze recommendations for your infrastructure
  • Act on the recommendations (or ignore them) 

For information about how to enable this integration, see Enabling integration with BMC Helix Cloud Cost Open link  in the BMC Helix Virtual Agent documentation. 

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