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This space contains information about the 4.6.00 release of the CHANGE ACCUMULATION PLUS product.


  • Facilitates recovery of a database after a hardware or software error, all changes to that database are recorded and saved in a system or recovery log data set. Performing a recovery requires a recovery utility to process all change records since the last image copy. In some cases, this can include several hundred tapes or cartridges, resulting in a recovery that can take many hours.
  • Reduces the lengthy recovery time by performing the process of change accumulation on one or more databases (called a change accumulation group). This change accumulation process consolidates all of the change records for a particular database block or record into a single change accumulation record. These consolidated records are written to the change accumulation data set where they can be used as input to the recovery utility. Using the change accumulation data set instead of the original log records normally reduces recovery time significantly. As a result, many installations find that the overhead of running change accumulation on a regular basis, or prior to recovery, is cost-effective for improving recovery time and critical database availability.

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