This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Change Management.

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Review and Authorize stage - Risk and impact analysis

No change to the IT infrastructure is without risk. Therefore, your change requests should minimize the severity of any impact and disruption. They also should be successful at the first attempt. The change manager is responsible for planning and scheduling change requests, which includes assessing their risk and impact. During the Review and Authorize stage, the change manager should estimate the impact by using the risk assessment functionality.

Reviewing and authorizing change requests


You reach the Review & Authorize stage only if an approver is mapped to the Business Approval phase. If no approvers are mapped to the Business Approval phase, the request moves to the Planning in Progress status. You should then perform risk and impact analysis during the Plan & Schedule stage. For more information, see Plan and Schedule stage - Planning the change request.

When you are working on a change request, you use the Change form to describe the change and to show which products and services are affected by the change. Before you can submit a change, you must define the Change Type, Impact, Risk Level, and Urgency. You also specify the Class of the change on the Change form.

Selecting these values automatically determines the Risk Level and Lead Time for the change.

For more information and instructions, see the following topics:

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