This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Change Management.

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Requester console users

Users of the Requester console are usually employees who need assistance from the IT support staff. The user or requester is typically an employee in the organization who must have a change implemented or an incident resolved. But any member of your organization can be a requester.

However, the user might not be an employee. Non-employees can also be requesters, since non-registered users can also submit service requests. Traditionally, after a requester made a telephone call to a central help desk, a support staff member logged the request.

Incident Management and Change Management provide user self-provisioning. Using the Requester console, requesters can submit, track, and (in some cases) resolve their own requests, and, as a result, improve the overall efficiency.

Change Management and Incident Management are pre-configured to work with the Requester console. However, an organization can set an option to make the Requester console unavailable. The Requester console is the primary interface for requesters to define and view their requests. From the Requester console, you can define a request that is submitted to Change Management or Incident Management. You can also view requests and respond to a survey after the request has been resolved.

The following figure illustrates the key areas on the Requester console.

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