This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Change Management.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Release Management approval mappings

You can include additional approval mappings for Release Management. Select the criteria that should be met to map an approver to the approval phase, in addition to the information selected in Configuring approval mappings. The approver is mapped to the approval phase if all the defined criteria are met.

Before you begin

Make sure you have completed the configuration described under Configuring approval mappings.


The Approval Mappings form and its fields for Release Management are slightly different than for Change Management. Follow these instructions carefully.

Additional mappings for Release Management

  1. Open the Approval Mappings form.

  2. The CI tab is used to map approvers to the release's CIs. 

    Here you can map approvers to the CIs associated with the release. When you map approvers to CIs, you must specify how the CI is selected.

    Select on


    CI Type

    If you select on CI Type, you must select a specific CI type from the menu, for example, CI Type > System > Computer System.

    CI Name

    If you select on CI Name, you must enter a specific CI Name.
    To retrieve a list of CIs, place your cursor in the CI Name field and then press Enter. The CI Relationship Search window appears. Perform a search for a CI and then click Select. The CI Name+ and CI ID fields are then populated.

    The Company, Region, Site Group, and Site fields in the CI tab apply also to basic approval processes. These fields correspond to the Release Location fields in the General tab in a release request.

  3. The Categorization tab is used to map approvers to services specified in the operational and product categorizations of the release. You can specify a company and a business justification (for example, Upgrade). 

  4. The Role tab is used to map approvers based on the support groups defined within the release. The fields in the Role tab apply to basic approval processes. 

  5. The Advanced Criteria tab is used to map approvers based on specific criteria. The fields in the Advanced Criteria tab apply to basic approval processes. 


    Risk Level 1 is the lowest and Risk Level 5 is the highest risk.

    The Approve if Risk and Notify if Risk fields work in conjunction with each other. You can use the Notify if Risk field to set up notification-only approvals based on risk level. Notification-only approvals are used to only notify a recipient and the recipient doesn't need to approve them or perform any action. You can also use the Approve if Risk <= field to set up approvals based on risk level. If no values are specified, the approval is generated for any risk level.

  6. Click Save.


    Approval mapping records are specifically for the Release Level processes.

You use the Approver Mappings form to set up individuals and groups as approvers for each approval phase of release requests, based on the approval process defined in the Approval Process Configuration form (such as configuration item).

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  1. Sidhdesh Punaskar

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