This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Change Management.

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Plan and Schedule stage - Planning the change request

In the Plan & Schedule stage, the change manager (or change coordinator) plans a forward schedule of changes (or FSC). This includes planning all the requests approved for implementation, setting target dates, and estimating the risks and costs involved. When you have finished planning the request, and have supplied all the information that the approvers require to review the request, you can submit it to the approval process.

Planning and scheduling change requests

Plan for the following important details:

  • Set the request's status to Planning, and specify the planned dates.
  • Estimate the time that the project will take.
  • Estimate any applicable down time associated with the request.
  • Register an available or unavailable time segment to perform the request.
  • Assess the risks and impact of the request.
  • Specify the business justification for the request if necessary.
  • Define the tasks.
  • Calculate the costs associated with the request.
  • Submit the request for approval.

Approvers require all this planning information to decide whether to approve or reject the change request.

See the following topics for instructions:

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