This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Change Management.

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Configuring approval processes

BMC Remedy IT Service Management is shipped with recommended approval process configuration records that are predefined and loaded for you with the application.

The approval process configuration records for managing change requests are tightly integrated with the Approval Server. The Approval Server is shipped with the BMC Remedy AR System Server and should be installed on the same computer as BMC Remedy ITSM.

To manage your change request approval process, you must understand at a high-level the different state transitions that a change request must pass through, map approval processes to approval phases, and define approvers for each phase.

When you create and save a company-specific approval process configuration (for example, the Review approval process), the system automatically creates the remaining approval process configuration records for your company, based on the default global settings. You can edit these approval process configuration records as needed.

In addition, after you have created approval process configuration records for a company, the Global processes are no longer valid for your company.

As a result, if you disable the Review approval process configuration record for your company and a change reaches the Review phase, the Approval Server skips the company Review approval phase (because it is offline) and ignores the Global Review approval phase (even if it is enabled). The change continues to the next status. To revert to the Global configuration, the status of all company approval process configuration records must be offline.

In a multi-tenancy environment, you can combine approval processes as needed. That is, you might decide Calbro Services needs company-specific approval processes, but DEF Company can use the default global processes.

The following topics are discussed in this section:

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