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Working requests through the approval phases

When an approval is required to move the request to the next status, the word Approval is displayed on the Process Status Flow bar. You need to approve or reject the approval, or cancel the request. When an approval is required, you cannot move the request to the next status unless you first receive an approval or rejection. When a request requires an approval, its approvers are notified. Notifications are sent according to the method specified in the approver's record in the User form.


The Approval Process Configuration form is used to configure the sequence when a request is approved or rejected, or configure how the system should respond if no approvers are available.

When you have finished planning the request, and have supplied all the information that the approvers require to review the request, you can submit the request to the approval process.

To submit the request to the approval phase

  1. Open the change request or release request.
  2. Proceed through the states of your request.


    When you reach a crucial state and perform an important action (for example, adding dates in the Scheduled status), refresh the request to make sure you are viewing the correct step in the workflow.

    Approving the request — Best Practice view

    Click the following figure to expand it.

  3. When you reach an approval phase, do one of the following tasks:

    When using the Best Practice view

    When using the Classic view

    In the Approvals section, click Approve or Reject.

    Click the Approvers tab and then approve or reject the request.


    The Approve and Reject options are enabled only if you are a valid approver or an alternate approver for the selected approval record.

    As a change manager or a change coordinator (or a release coordinator or release assignee), you can perform these actions for standard approvals if you are the approver or an alternate approver.

    • If the change is configured for the change level approval process, all approvers on the first level are notified that they must review the request.
    • If the change is configured for the change management chain (parent-child) approval process, the manager of the Requester For user is notified.
    • If the change is configured for the ad hoc approval process, the change manager is notified.
    • The signature of the last approver completes the approval process, and automatically moves the change request to the next status.
  4. Save your changes.

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