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Understanding the relationship between company and global approval process configuration

The BMC Change Management application defines default approval phases (Review, Business Approval, Implementation Approval, Close down). These are designed for global use, and most companies will not need to create additional approval configuration records.

However, you can use the Approval Process Configuration form to create additional approval process configuration records, either for global use or for the company designated as the Change Manager support company on the Assignment tab in the change request. BMC Change Management verifies if an Approval Process configuration has been defined for the Change Manager's company and if found, applies that Approval Process configuration. For example, you can create a process that bypasses the normal approval process for emergency change requests.


Do not modify the global best practice phases. If you need different approval process configuration records, see the detailed instructions in Setting up approval process configuration records for your company.

If you create company-based approval processes, these take precedence over global configuration records, as shown in the following figure.

Relationship of company configuration to global configuration

When a change request reaches an approval phase, the Approval Server first evaluates any company configuration records that you have created and the global configuration records are ignored. If there are no company configuration records, the Approval Server then uses the global configuration records.

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