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Change request status reasons

Users can identify a requirement for additional status reasons. This table shows only the applicable status reasons. You must specify the status reason when the Change Request Status is Pending.

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Change request status reasons

Change request status

Status reasons

Planning In Progress

  • Accepted
  • Assigned
  • Built

Implementation in Progress

  • In Rollout
  • In Development
  • In Test
  • In Built
  • In Rollback
  • In Documentation
  • In Verification


  • Future Enhancement
  • Manager Intervention
  • Miscellaneous
  • Support Group Communication
  • Task Review
  • Vendor Purchase


  • Insufficient Task Data
  • Insufficient Change Data
  • Schedule Conflicts


  • Final Review Required
  • Final Review Complete
  • Additional Coding Required


  • Successful
  • Successful with Issues
  • Unsuccessful
  • Backed Out
  • Automatically Cancelled


  • No Longer Required
  • Resources Not Available
  • To Be Re-Scheduled
  • Funding Not Available
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  1. Mario Roehr

    Hi Team, would it be possible to align this page with the Incident status reason definitions (i.e. break it down and supply explanations)?

    Nov 09, 2018 05:26