This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Change Management.

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Assigning changes to change implementers

You can assign changes to a change implementer. Assignments are similar for a change coordinator, except when you select Change Coordinator from the Set Implementer using field. Use this option to define the change coordinator as the change implementer.


  • This topic applies only if your are using BMC Change Management in Classic view. The Change Implementer fields were removed from the Best Practice view, since adding tasks to a change request is a best practice.
  • When a change request includes tasks, the Change Implementer fields no longer appear on the Assignment tab.
  • If change implementer fields have been set, for example in a change template that was used, change implementers will be assigned and notified about the change request, but this information will not be displayed in the Best Practice view.

To assign changes to change implementers using the Classic view

  1. Open the change request.
  2. Click the Assignment tab.

    Assigning change implementers (Classic view)

    Click the following figure to expand it.

  3. To assign a change implementer, use one of the following options in the Set Implementer using field and then click Set:
    • My Default Group — Assigns the change to you and your default group
    • My Group List — Opens a list of all groups to which you belong. Select the appropriate group from this list.
    • Favorite Groups — Assigns the change to the typical groups to which your support group assigns requests
    • Auto Assign — Automatically assigns the request based on predefined mapping
    • Change Coordinator — Automatically assigns the change to the change coordinator and updates the change implementer field with the change coordinator
  4. Save the change request.
    The change implementer is automatically notified of the assignment.


    Assignment of a change request to the change implementer is applicable only when the change request does not have any related tasks. When you add a task to the change request, its assignment to the change implementer is no longer valid.

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