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Working with release request financial information - Rolling up costs

Risk, time, and costs (actual and budget) from activities and change requests that are related to the release manifest are rolled up on the Financials tab.

  • For activities, only the time spent, and the actual and budget costs, are rolled up to the release.
  • For change requests, in addition to time spent and costs, the highest Risk Level is also rolled up to the release.

To roll up costs

  1. Open the release request.
  2. Perform one of the following actions:

    When using the Best Practice view

    When using the Classic view

    Click Links > Financials.

    Click the Financials tab.

    Release form — Financials tab

    Based on the changes and activities displayed in the release manifest, the Release Costs table shows the costs associated with the release, and rolled-up costs from the related activities or change requests.
    For more information, see Working with release manifests.

  3. Click Addto attach costs to the release.


    If you attach a cost entry to the release you are working on, the Release Costs table does not list a related request ID.

  4. Filter the release costs by selecting from the Cost Category field.
    The default (the Cost Category field is cleared) displays all entries. Otherwise, select Infrastructure Change, Release, or Activity to display costs associated with those entries.
  5. Filter the release costs by selecting from the Show field.
    All Cost Types (the default value) displays all release and rolled-up costs.
  6. (Optional) Click Viewto view the costs associated with the release, or click Delete to remove them.


    You can only delete Release costs from the Financials page of the Release form.

  7. Save your changes.
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