This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Change Management, which is in "End of Version Support." You will not be able to leave comments.

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Working with release request assignments

One responsibility for release coordinators is creating the release request assignments. They can be assigned manually or automatically. If an assignment definition has not been created for the Release Management application, you must assign the release manually. For information on assigning the release manually, see Automatically assigning release requests

The release assignee is then notified of release request assignments by email, pager, or BMC Remedy Alert. Assigned release requests can also be listed in the Release Information table in the console.Release requests are assigned automatically on creation by the Release Management application. The assignment is based on the release request's categorization.

The Assignment tab displays information about people assigned to a release as the Release Coordinator The time spent resolving activities or change requests is automatically rolled up into the release. Separate Time Spent (Classic view) and Time Information fields display the total time spent (in minutes) for the activities and the change requests related to the release.

Assigning releases and tracking time spent


You must define at least one individual with the Release Coordinator functional role before you can make any assignments to a Release Coordinator support group.

During configuration, the application administrator determines to whom the release requests are assigned. This decision is based on criteria such as the release request's categorization. For example, all release requests that are categorized as hardware issues might be assigned to the Support-Hardware group. All release requests that are categorized as software upgrades and originate from California might be assigned to Sonya Software in Santa Clara. The criteria of the release request together with the application administrator's configuration determines to whom each release is assigned.The release coordinator must make sure that the assignment is correct and accept the release request. If the assignment is not correct, the release coordinator can reassign the request.

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