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Working with change request assignments

When BMC Change Management was being configured, the application administrator determined to whom the change request is to be assigned based on a combination of field values, such as the change location, operational categorization, and product categorization. Changes can be assigned to an individual or a support group. For example, all change requests that are categorized as hardware issues might be assigned to the IT Support Hardware group.

There are different roles within the assignment process-the change manager and change coordinator. The classic view has an additional change implementer role. The change manager typically oversees the overall change process, but the change coordinator plans and coordinates the efforts.


This section focuses on change assignment from the perspective of the change coordinator. But there is potentially a great deal of overlap in responsibility between the change manager and the change coordinator.

Responsibilities for change coordinators include both assigning and accepting change requests. You must make sure that the assignment is correct and accept the change request. If you cannot accept or resolve an assigned change request, you or your manager can reassign the change request to another change coordinator. If the change request was categorized incorrectly, you can also reassign it. (For information, see Reassigning change requests.)

Change requests can be assigned manually or automatically. If an assignment definition has not been done for BMC Change Management, you must assign the change manually. (For information, see Automatically assigning changes.)

BMC Change Management can automatically assign change requests when they are defined. The assignment is based on the change request's categorization. You can view information about who is assigned to the change request on the Infrastructure Change form. Where you look for this information depends on whether you are using the Best Practice view or the Classic view.

Best Practice view

Classic view

You can view the Change Coordinator and Change Manager directly from the Infrastructure Change form.

You view the Change Coordinator, Change Manager, and Change Implementer assignments from the Assignment tab.


Before you can make any assignments to a Change Manager support group, you must define at least one individual with the Infrastructure Change Manager functional role.

The application administrator configures to whom the change requests are assigned. Assignment is configured based on criteria such as the change request's categorization. For example, all change requests that are categorized as hardware issues might be assigned to the Support-Hardware group. All change requests that are categorized as software upgrades and originate from California might be assigned to Sonya Software in Santa Clara. The criteria of the change request together with the application administrator's configuration determines to whom each change request is assigned.

For additional information, you can view the BMC Communities blog on Getting started with change user assignment

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