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Using qualifications to generate a report

You can manage the scope of a report by adding qualifications to the criteria that the report engine uses to generate the report content. You can tell the report to search only certain specified fields for particular values, or you can build advanced qualifications by using field names, keywords, and operators.

This procedure describes how to generate basic qualifications by using the Show Additional Filter option. To generate a report by using advanced qualifications, see Using advanced qualifications to generate a report.

To use qualifications to generate a report

  1. From the navigation pane in the application console, choose Functions > Reports.
  2. On the Report Console, select one of the options under Show:
    • All Reports, which displays all available reports
    • Created by me, which displays reports that you created
  3. Under Category, select applicationName > reportCategory > reportName.
    A list of available reports is displayed. Reports are organized by category, some of which contain subcategories. The reports that you see vary according to which applications are installed.
  4. Select the Show Additional Filter option. Along with a list of available fields, two sections are displayed-the simple query builder and the advanced query builder. You use the simple query builder to quickly construct a simple query. Alternatively, advanced users can use the advanced query builder to build the query by using BMC Remedy AR System query syntax.
    For additional information about the BMC Remedy AR System Report Console, see Reporting on BMC Remedy AR System data.
  5. Select a field name from the Available Fields list, and click Add next to the simple query builder.


    Click  to remove a qualification.

  6. Click the down arrow next to the field name listed in the qualification box, and select the appropriate operator. Enter or select a value for the field in the right column.


     If you want to enter the qualification Cost Center = 001, select the Cost Center field, click the down arrow next to the field and select =, and then enter 001 in the right column.

  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for each field that you want to include in the report.
  8. When you finish defining your additional qualifications, click Run.
    If the report displayed is a web report, you can specify the following additional options:

    Toggle Table of Contents
     Display the table of contents
     Export Report

    Export the report to a file of the specified format

    To export the report, select the appropriate page options, and click OK. The following formats are available under the Export Format list:

    • Excel
    • PostScript
    • PDF
    • Word
    • PowerPoint

    Print Report

    Print the file to HTML or PDF format


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