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Setting up individual assignments for task templates

When you create task templates, you can define individual assignment information in the Assignment tab of the Task Template form. You can use auto-assignment for assigning tasks to individuals if you select a process name as an Assignment Type.

If you do not choose to specify assignment information, the settings defined in the Assignment Configuration form are used.

To set up individual assignments for a task template

  1. On the IT Home page, click the Application Administration Console link.
  2. On the Application Administration Console, click the Custom Configuration tab.
  3. From the Application Settings list, choose Task Management System > Task Configuration > Task Template, and then click Open.
  4. On the The Task Template form, search for an existing task template to which to add assignment information, or add assignment information to a new entry.
  5. Click the Assignment tab.
  6. On the Assignment tab, modify or enter information in these fields:

    Field Name


    Assignee Company

    Select the assignment company to which this template applies.

    Process Name

    Select the process that is used for individual auto-assignment.

    Assignee Organization

    Select the organization that handles the assignment for this task template.

    Assignee Group

    Select an assignee group for this task template.


    Select an individual from the assignee group.

    Notify Assignee

    Select whether the individual should be notified of the task assignment. Notification is based on the notification method specified in the individual's People record.

  7. Click Save.
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