This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Change Management, which is in "End of Version Support." You will not be able to leave comments.

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Selecting release templates

The Release Template function allows you to select any templates that can be made available for your support group. You use release templates to quickly and efficiently create standard releases with a minimum of mouse clicks and keyboard entry. Release templates are useful in any release request that follows well-defined methods for specific and repeated requirements, for example, Installs, Moves, Add Changes (IMAC). New and occasional users to Release Management should find release templates very helpful.

To select release templates

  1. Create or open a release request.
  2. Attach a release template by performing one of the following actions:

    When using the Best Practice view

    When using the Classic view

    1. Click the magnifying glass icon next to the template field on the release form.
    2. Select the support group from the Viewing Templates for Support Group.
    3. Select the correct template from the list displayed.

    On the left navigation pane, click Quick Links > Select Template.


    The release template can be applied in the Draft state, that is, while creating the release request.

  3. On the Release Template Selection dialog box, click View to examine the contents of a release template.
    The template appears in read-only mode. Viewing a template lets you see its relationship, its task and task group templates, and other important features.


    You cannot create, modify, or delete release templates in the Release Management application; you can only view them. You must use the Application Administration Console to create, modify, or delete release templates instead.

    Any member of your support group with Release Master, Release Config, or Release User with Support Group Admin permissions can modify release templates for that group. For more information, see Configuring release templates.

  4. Select a template and click OK.
    • The contents of the template are applied to the release request. The release template overwrites any field values that are already present in the release request, including any relationships or manifest included with the release request.
    • The value of the Notes field value from template is appended to existing value.
    • NULL values in the template will overwrite existing values, except for the following fields:
      • Summary
      • Release manager
      • Support Company
      • Support Group Name
      • Support Organization
      • Business Justification
      • Categorization Tier 1
      • Location Company
      • Deployment Type
      • Risk Level
      • ServiceCI
      • Urgency
      • Change Environment
      • Lead Time
      • Change Reason
      • Impact
      • Product Cat Tier1
      • Release Type
      • Urgency

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