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Relating change requests

When you work with a change request, you might also need to relate a change request to it. Relating change requests enables the support staff to work with multiple change requests for the same requester at once. With related change requests, you can optionally designate if the current change request exists in a dependent relationship to a change request.

To relate a change request to another change request

  1. Open the change request, and then click the Relationships tab.
  2. Select the entry from the Relationships table.
  3. In the Request Type field, select Infrastructure Change, and then click Search.
  4. In the Change Relationship Search form, use the various tabs to choose the appropriate search criteria.
  5. To use more specific search criteria, click the Advanced Search tab, enter the appropriate search criteria, and then click Search.
  6. In the Change Results table, select the item to relate.
  7. In the Relationship Type field, select how to relate the current request to the selected change request.
    • Related To indicates the two changes are related to each other.
    • Dependent indicates the current change request depends on the original change. Dependent changes can be assigned sequence numbers to specify the sequence in which the dependent change requests should be completed. For more information about dependencies, see the next procedure, Assigning sequence numbers to dependent change requests.
  8. Click Relate, and then click OK.
    If you create a Dependent relationship, the sequence appears in the Relationships table.
  9. Save the change request.
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