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Register applications with Command Automation Interface (CAI)

As shipped, Task Management System, BMC Change Management, BMC Incident Management, BMC Service Request Management, and BMC BladeLogic Client Automation are registered with Command Automation Interface (CAI). CAI allows users to integrate with applications that can be used to carry out tasks automatically (for example), opening BMC BladeLogic Client Automation from BMC Change Management.

If you are integrating Task Management System with custom AR System applications, you must register the application in the Command Automation Interface Application Registry form. Use this form to register the applications that are used with the CAI, and to identify key elements of the backend application, such as template forms, interface forms, instance forms, and so on.

The registry entry in the Application Registry form enables Task Management System to recognize the backend application; set the configuration settings, such as mode of connection (local or remote), server, and template information; and use this information to set the context for the remainder of the Task Management System entities.

Use the Application Registry form to modify any of the preconfigured information or create new application registries if your organization is going to use Task Management System with other external applications.

For more information, see Register applications with Command Automation Interface (CAI) in the BMC Remedy IT Service Management Solution wiki.

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