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Reassigning release requests

If you cannot work on an assigned release request, you can reassign it to another release coordinator.You can also reassign the release request if it was categorized incorrectly.

Release coordinators are responsible for responding to reassignment requests. When a release coordinator reassigns a release request to another coordinator, the person is notified. Upon reviewing the release, the coordinator can reassign the release to another qualified release coordinator.


You must set a notification rule and define a milestone for it to enable the notification workflow. For more information on setting notification rules, see Configuring notification rules.

To reassign or respond to release reassignment requests

  1. Open the Overview Console or the Release Management console.
    All reassignment requests appear in the table along with other release requests.


    Regularly monitor your assigned work to track any release requests reassigned to you.

  2. Select the appropriate release request.
  3. Click View. After reviewing the release request, you can manually reassign the release coordinator.
  4. To reassign the release request, perform one of the following actions:

    When using the Best Practice view

    When using the Classic view

    Select the Release Coordinator on the Release form.

    1. Click the Assignment tab.
    2. Select the Release Coordinator to whom to reassign the request.
    3. Select an assignment method (for example, Auto Assign), and then click Set.

    To deny the reassignment request, you must reassign it to another release coordinator.
  5. Click Save.
    If you reassign the release request, the new assignee is automatically notified of the changed assignment.

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