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Multiple approvers and multiple approval levels

There can be more than one level of approval, and there can be several approvers on each level. At least one approver on each level must approve the change request before it can be reviewed by the next level of approvers. Approvers can review the actions of previous approvers by viewing their comments and the approval audit trail.


  • This information in also applicable for the Release Management module.
  • You can configure the approval process to have one or all approvers on each level approve the change request before the change can be reviewed by the next level of approvers. Modify the If Multiple Approvers setting to configure this option. For information about modifying the If Multiple Approvers setting, see Defining roles.

The application administrator can also configure the change management chain (parent-child) approval process. If the change is configured for the management chain approval process, the requester's manager is notified.

If the change is approved by all approvers, the approval process is complete and the change moves to the next status. If the change is rejected by any approver, the change is stopped. The change manager or change coordinator can then cancel the change or update it and resubmit it for approval.

Approving the change request can complete the approval or trigger the next step in the approval process. If there are several levels of approvers, your approval can send the approval request to the next approver or if you deny the request the approval process is completed, regardless of whether more approvers are defined.An approval signature cannot be modified after the request has been rejected, and the approval process is finished. If the change request is to be implemented, the change manager must first restart the approval process.

For additional information see the following topics in the BMC Remedy Action Request System Approval Server documentation:

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