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Modifying change requests - Additional information you can enter

As you track and supervise a change request, you move it from one stage to another (for example, from Initiate to Review and Authorize). When you choose different stages, messages alert you if you need to complete more fields in the request.


A request should follow the stages in the recommended lifecycle of a change request, as described in Change request lifecycle. Manually setting the status values can disrupt the lifecycle in which you enter information about and resolve the change request.

To modify change requests

  1. Use one of the following methods to locate the change request:
    • On the Change Management console, select the change request from the Assigned Change table, and click View.
    • Search for the change request.
  2. On the Change form, make the appropriate changes.
  3. Use the Process Flow Status area to move the change request from one status to the next, as shown in the following figure:

    If you need to suspend work temporarily on the change request you are working on, select Enter Pending and an appropriate status reason (for example, Manager Intervention) from the Process Flow Status menu. When you are ready to continue work on the change request, select Resume from the Process Flow Status menu.


    The Change Manager or Change Coordinator can resume a pending change request.

    Otherwise, the Status field is updated automatically during the Process Flow.

  4. (Optional)Perform the following actions:


    For more information

    Add a task to the change request.

    See Implement stage - Working with tasks.

    Modify the change request assignments.

    See Working with change request assignments.

    Relate a CI or some other object to the change request.

    See Working with relationships.

    Modify the start and end dates of the change request.

    See Plan and Schedule stage - Planning the change request.

  5. Click Save.
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