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Creating a change request from Atrium Impact Simulator

This section describes the procedure to perform an impact simulation for CIs and create a new change request related to this analysis using the Atrium Impact Simulator.

To create a change request from Atrium Impact Simulator

  1. On the Change Management console, choose Functions > Atrium Impact Simulator.

    The following figure illustrates the functional areas of the BMC Atrium Impact Simulator console. For more information on the BMC Atrium Impact Simulator console, see Atrium Impact Simulator interfacein the BMC Atrium Core documentation.

    The following table describes what you can do in each of the functional areas:

    BMC Atrium Impact Simulator console functional areas

    Functional area


    CIs for Simulation

    CIs for Simulation table

    The left column of this table contains the Set CIs State for Simulation field. Use this field to assign an impact state to the CI selected in the table.

    Add CI

    Click to search for one or more CIs to add to the table.

    Remove CI

    Click to remove the selected CI from the table.

    Simulate Impact

    Click to run an impact simulation for the CIs in the table.


    Results in Topology

    Shows the results of a simulation as a topology, including any impact relationships between the CIs. An icon on each CI image represents the predicted impact state for each CI, based on the simulation criteria.

    Results in Table

    Shows the results of a simulation as a table. The Predicted Status column indicates the expected impact for each CI. To list only impacted service CIs, click Show Services. To list all impacted CIs, click Show All Results.

    Save Simulation

    Save the simulation. Saved simulations can be loaded and compared.

    Here you choose the source CIs to include in a simulation. You can select one or several CIs, each with their own simulated impact state.

  2. Click Add CIto search for and select CIs to add to the change request.
    1. In the Query window, run a query to return the CIs that you wish to include in a simulation.
    2. In the results list, select one or more CIs to include in your simulation.
    3. In the CIs for Simulation section, select a CI, and then select an impact state in the Set CIs State for Simulation field.
    4. Repeat this step until every CI in the CIs for Simulation section has the impact state you want to simulate.
  3. Click Simulate Impact to run an impact simulation for the CIs in the table.
    You can view the results of the simulation on the Results in Table and Results in Topology tabs. You can filter the CIs by severity level or other options provided by the Atrium Impact Simulator.
  4. To save the simulation, complete the following steps:
    1. Click Save Simulation.
    2. In the dialog box, enter a name for the simulation.
    3. Provide a description of the simulation, such as its purpose, and the source CIs used in the simulation.
    4. Click OK.
  5. To create a new change request, choose Relate to New> Change Request.
    The Change form opens. The CIs from the Atrium Impact Simulator are related to the request in the Relationship tab. Work information is created for the change request, along with a simulation .csv file attached.
    For more information, see Working with relationships.
  6. Enter the remaining information to create the request.
  7. Save your work when you are finished.
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