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Copying change requests

The Copy Change function is available on the Change form only when it is in Modify mode. This function enables you to copy a request into a new change request. When using the copy function, you have options to include different sections of the original change request, for example, Requested For Customer, Impacted Areas, CI/Component Relationships, Related Changes, or Work Info with attachments.

The following fields are filled with information from the change from which you are copying: Summary, Change Type, Class, Timing Reason, Impact, Urgency, Priority, Risk Level, Lead Time, Environment, Reason For Change, and Notes. You can change the information in these fields to reflect the new change. You are also presented with different sections of the change that you can copy.


Users with Change viewer and Change submitter permissions cannot copy a change request.

To copy a change request

  1. From the left navigation pane on the Change form, choose Functions > Copy Change.
  2. On the Copy Infrastructure Change dialog box, click the sections to include in the new request.
    Depending on the options that you select, the following information is copied to the new change request:


    Copied information

    Copy Requested For Customer

    All information from the Requested For dialog.

    Copy Impacted Areas

    All the impacted areas information that is displayed in the Impacted Areas dialog is copied. For more information see, Viewing and updating affected areas.

    Copy CI/Component Relationships

    All CIs or Components from the Relationship tab.

    Copy Tasks

    You will be prompted to enter additional information. For more details, see Copying tasks from another change request.

    Copy Related Changes

    All related change requests. Related Infrastructure Change Requests with a Dependent relationship type will be converted to Related To relationships.

    To keep the dependent relationship, in the Relationship tab, search for the dependent change request, make a new dependent relationship and delete the Related To relationship that were copied.

    Copy Work Info (with attachments)

    All Work Info, including attachments.


    Task Phase settings of the original change is also copied to the new change.

  3. Make any modifications to the new request you are creating (for example, changing its priority or timing).
  4. Click Start Copy.
    The copy function can take several minutes to process.
    After the change is copied, the Change form opens in New mode with the newly copied change information in a Draft status. You now can modify and submit the new request.
  5. Save the new copy of the request.


    A copied change request is not automatically submitted.

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