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Configuring return codes

You can use the Return Code Configuration form to set up return code values between any application registered in CAI and the Task form. Configuring return codes allows you to specify the values a task's status and status reason should be when a particular return code is received from another application.

You map the status and status reason on the Task form when the application returns the specific return code value. For example, a return code value of Error could mean that the Task form has a status of Pending and a status reason of Error.


As shipped, the return codes used by the BMC BladeLogic Client Automation integration are configured in the Return Code Configuration form. Do not modify these entries in the Return Code Configuration form.

For the 7.x releases, BMC BladeLogic Client Automation uses the TMS_TaskInterface web service to set return code values on the Task form. The Return Code Value field is hidden on the Task form.

From the Task form, a BMC BladeLogic Client Automation task is initiated. After the task completes, it uses the TMS_TaskInterface web service to return a Return Code Value to the Task form. This return code value causes the Task form to query the Return Code Configuration form to determine the specified Status and Status Reason values to use for the particular Return Code value.

To configure a return code value

  1. On the IT Home page, click the Application Administration Console link.
  2. On the Application Administration Console, click the Custom Configuration tab.
  3. From the Application Settings list, choose Task Management System > Integration > Return Code Configuration, and then click Open.
  4. To view a list of preconfigured return codes on Return Code Configuration form, click the New Search toolbar button, enter any search parameters, and then click Search.
  5. In the list of preconfigured values. do any of the following steps:
    • Select an entry to view it and modify it, if necessary.
    • Click the New Request button on the toolbar, and configure new values.
  6. Modify or enter values in the following fields:

    Field Name


    Application Name

    The application that returns the value; for example, BMC BladeLogic Client Automation

    Return Code Value

    A value in the Return Code Value field; for example, Success, Error, Failure, and so on


    This field is set to TMS:Task.


    A runtime task type; for example, Manual, Automatic, or ALL

    Select ALL if the return code applies to both types.

    Form Status

    A value for the status of the Task form when the specified return code value is returned; for example, Closed

    Form Status Reason

    A value for the status reason of the Task form when the specified return code value is returned; for example, Success


    An overall status for this entry. The options are Active, Inactive, or Proposed.

  7. Click Save.
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