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Build milestone - Building a controlled environment for the release

After a release request is approved at the Build Approval phase, you must work the release through the Build milestone. This milestone assembles the CIs that are needed to create the release package in a controlled IT environment before it goes into service. You also add change requests and activities to the release.

Release request at the Build milestone

At most companies, the Build milestone is interchangeable with the Test milestone. The Build and Test milestones are typically iterative processes. Release candidates are built, tested, and frequently kicked back so that they can be fixed. During the Build milestone, you complete change requests and activities to build and test the release package. You then find you must add additional change requests and activities to fix bugs, add additional functionality to the release, and so on.


For release coordinators, the Build milestone is mostly a manual stage to verify that the Build process is successful. You should use the Release form to update information, revise your plans, add additional change requests and activities, and so on.

To build the release

  1. Open the release request at the Build In Progress status.
  2. On the Dates tab in the Classic view or the Dates/System tab in the Best Practice view, revise the start and end dates as needed.
  3. On the Manifest tab, add changes or activities to the release as needed.
  4. Click Rollup to accumulate the risk level, costs, and time spent from the related change requests (displayed on the Manifest tab).
  5. Save your changes.
  6. Use the Process Status Flow area to move the release request from the Build In Progress status to the Test Approval phase.  The release must be approved before it can move forward. For more information, see Test milestone - Testing the release.
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