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Adding vendor information

A vendor is a third-party company that provides services that might be required to complete a request. Vendors can use their own tracking systems to create and manage tickets for these services.

The Vendor Management feature of BMC Change Management enables users to maintain details of the vendor and the vendor ticket within a change request to track a vendor's involvement in a change. Users can extract the vendor details from change requests for reporting purposes using the custom reports feature.

For more information on generating custom reports, see Creating reports in the BMC Remedy Mid Tier documentation.


When you create a change request from an existing incident or problem request, vendor information in the related request is not automatically copied to the change request created.

To enter vendor information when using the Best Practice view

  1. Open the change request.
  2. On the change form select the vendor group from the Vendor Group field.
  3. If the vendor's ticket number is available, enter this information in the Vendor Ticket Number field.
  4. Click Save.

To enter vendor information when using the Classic view

  1. Open the change request.
  2. Click the Vendor tab and enter the following information:



    Vendor Information

    Enter the name, organization, and vendor group of the vendor.

    Vendor Contact

    Enter information about the designated contact person for the vendor company.

    Vendor Ticket Information

    Enter details of the vendor's ticket.

    Details include:

    • If the change request has been assigned to a vendor
    • Vendor ticket number
    • Date when the service was requested from the vendor
    • Date when the vendor responded to the service request
    • Date when the vendor completed the requested service

  3. Click Save.
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