This documentation supports the 20.08 version of Remedy Change Management, which is available only to BMC Helix subscribers (SaaS).

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Calculating the costs of a change request

When a change request has been resolved, you can calculate the cost involved in implementing it. If a change manager or task implementer has already added a cost calculation, you can view the calculation.

You can calculate the various kinds of costs, and you can associate costs with CIs. All the costs of a change request are totaled automatically.

To modify a cost

  1. Open the change request in the Change form.
  2. From the left navigation pane, choose Links > Financials.

  3. In the Show field, select the type of cost to view.
  4. From the table, select the cost to modify and then click View.
    The Costs dialog box contains information about the kind of cost. You cannot make changes in the Cost Category field.
  5. Change the Cost Center Code, Cost Type, Description, or other information as appropriate and click Save.


    To delete a cost from a change request, select it, and then click Delete.

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