This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Change Management.

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Working on assigned tasks

When change request reaches the Implement stage you can start working on the task assigned to you. When a change request is set to Scheduled and a task is not assigned, the task status is set to Pending. If the task is assigned, its status is set to Work in Progress.


When the change is in Planning in Progress, all the tasks have a status of Staged and a status reason of Staging In Progress. When all the tasks' status reasons have become Staging Complete, the change moves from Planning in Progress to Scheduled For Approval.

To work on tasks assigned to you

  1. Open the Change Management Console.
  2. From the View By filter, select Personal.
  3. Click the Show Tasks Details link in the Change Details and Tasks section to view the Task table.
  4. In the Assigned Tasks table, select the task to accept, and then click View.
    Tasks are identified by the prefix of TAS. On the Task Management screen, you can click Open next to the Request ID field to open the parent change request.
  5. If you are ready to begin working on the task — that is, if the Status field of the change request is set to Scheduled — set the Status field to Work in Progress. This is an important step, because the task then moves into Work in Progress status. In addition, different escalations occur based on the task's status. If the task is still in the Scheduled status while you are working on it, an inaccurate escalation can occur.
  6. Click the Assignment tab.
  7. Enter the time spent. When you are ready to start working on the task, you can use the start and stop clock or the effort log to keep track of how much time you spent.
  8. Click the Work Info tab, and then enter the progress you have made on the task. Optionally, you can add relevant information to the Task Plans field to describe how you intend to complete the task.
  9. Click Save.
    If this is the first task to be moved to Work in Progress status, the following changes are automatically made to the change request:
    • The status of the change request is moved to Implementation in Progress. This includes all tasks included in the change request. The change manager is notified of the changed status, and the requester is notified when the status of the change is set to Scheduled.
    • On the Assignments tab of the Task form, the Start Date field is filled with the date and time at which the task was saved.
    • The Actual Start Date of the task and that of the change request is updated with the date and time of the status change.

For additional responsibilities (for example, closing a task), see Managing tasks.

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