This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Change Management.

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Troubleshooting issues with group mappings

The Change Management integration with the Approval Server pushes data in one direction from specific ITSM foundation forms to the AP:Role and AP:Alternate forms. This means that Change Management updates can overwrite other modifications in the AP:Role or AP:Alternate forms. For example, users in the People form can add alternates and modify their own entries. Updates to the functional role of Support Groups are reflected in the AP:Role records.


The ITSM foundation forms are common to all ITSM applications. So, the integration updates are not only from Change Management integration, but Asset Management and Service Request Management also load the approval server foundation (APSFND) integration and push data to the AP:Alternate and AP:Role forms.

By default, with Change Management, the Infrastructure Change Approver role is created as SGP000000xxxx | CAB-Member in AP:Role records, where xxxx is the Group Id created for the company. This reference is used by the Approval Server, if a Group is mapped through Approver Mappings, or if a Group is added as an ad hoc approver.

Issue symptoms

You created a group mapping, and the approval is pending, but you do not see the expected approvers in the change request.

Issue scope

  • When the status of the Support Group is not Enabled.
  • When all the members of a Support Group with Infrastructure Change Approval functional role access become unavailable.


Open the Support Group through the Application Administration Console and review the members of the Infrastructure Change Approval role. Additionally, answer the following questions:



What is the status of the group? Is it Enabled?

If the Support Group is not Enabled, the related AP:Role record will be Inactive.

What is the availability of members with a functional role of Infrastructure Change Approval?

If all members of a Support Group with Infrastructure Change Approval functional role access become unavailable, then the AP:Role record has no members to resolve and generate approval records when the Approval Server attempts to use it. Members with Infrastructure Change Approval functional role must have Availability set to Yes.


You should perform all updates in the ITSM foundation forms. Direct updates to the AP: records will not be reflected in the foundation data.

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