This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Change Management.

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Troubleshooting integration errors

This topic describes errors that can occur when integrating BMC Change Management with BMC ProactiveNet, and provides workarounds.

Change events are not displayed on BMC ProactiveNet Operations Console

  1. Check the configuration:
    1. Make sure that the integration is active:
      Go to Application Administration Console > Custom Configuration > Change Management > Advanced Options > Change CI Event Notification to BPPM > BPPM Subscription.
      The BPPM status should be Active.
    2. On the same form, click Test Connection. Check server, check user name password.
    3. Check the AR Java Plugin.log file and BMC ProactiveNet error logs for any errors.
    4. Make sure the Escalations are enabled in BMC Remedy AR Server Setting.
  2. If there are no configuration errors, do the following:
    1. Check the CAI:Events form for any Error out events. Check the error message code defined in this event, check the details mentioned in the BMC ProactiveNet Administration Guide and take appropriate actions.
    2. Make sure that the CIs related to the Change request are SIEM enabled.
      The integration only processes events for SIEM Enabled CI's with valid relationship types. Currently, "Impacted" type relationship is not processed for event generation.

Retry Error out events to resend them to BMC ProactiveNet

  1. Open the CAI:Events form. Search for the Error out events using the Event GUID or search for all records.
  2. To resend the event set the Status = New and ReturnCode = Start.
  3. If you receive an Error out message again, refer the CAI logs, plug-in logs and BMC ProactiveNet logs for more details.
  4. The Error out events with error type Bad Request are caused due to use of special characters in the event. These special characters can be in the Description or Summary fields of change request. For errors caused due to special characters contact BMC Support.

BMC ProactiveNet instance is not displayed in the configuration form

  1. Make sure that the UDDI Registry is installed:
    Go to AR System Administration Console > System > General > Server Information > WS Registry Integration.
    Values for registry location, user name, and password must be present if UDDI Registry is installed.
  2. Query the UDDI Registry for Change entries:
    Open the AR System Web Services Registry form in search mode. In Web Service down, select CAI_ChangeManagementEventsSubscription_WS and search form. If records are displayed in the Search results, the BMC Change Management - BMC ProactiveNet integration details are present in the UDDI registry.

Change CI Event Notification to BPPM link not visible

Make sure that the required CMDB extensions are installed. Perform following steps:

  1. Perform a search on the SHARE:Application_Interface form where 'Providing Application Name = BMC_PN: Class and Attribute Definitions for Service Impact Management'.
  2. Make sure that the status of the chgbpm.jar file is set as Installed = Yes.
  3. Perform an unqualified search on the CAI:AdapterEventConfiguration form. The search should display a record with Adaptor Instance Name = Infrastructure-Change.
  4. Make sure that forms starting PN: are present (for example, PN:PublishedData)

CLI command to activate the Change BMC ProactiveNet integration displays a timeout error

The timeout error occurs due to a deadlock condition in the Microsoft SQL server. This issue can be resolved by using snapshot isolation to reduce possibility of deadlocks in Microsoft SQL Server. This error can occur if the mandatory setting required in the Microsoft SQL Server after the BMC Remedy AR Server installation is completed is skipped.

To use a snapshot isolation level with the BMC Remedy AR System database, see the procedure "To use a snapshot isolation level with the AR System database" described under Using Microsoft SQL Server with BMC Remedy AR System Open link .

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