This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Change Management.

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TMS templates

For greater productivity, the Task Management System (TMS) module allows you to create task templates or group task templates within task group templates. Users can reuse these templates at runtime during the fulfillment of a change request or while resolving an incident or problem.

During the definition stage, the task administrator can create various templates for later use during the execution stage. Following are the types of templates:


To perform procedures in this section, you must have Task Administrator permission. For information, see Task Management System permission model.

The following figure shows the relationships among the templates you create during the definition stage and how those relationships are used at runtime during the execution stage. For example, the administrator designs an advanced task group template (Task Group Template [itsmps:0]) that associates various task templates (Task Template [itsmps:A], Task Template [itsmps:B], and so on) in the definition stage. The task group template is designed according to a specific flow: Task Template [itsmps:A] runs first, and then it branches to Task Template [itsmps:B] and Task Template [itsmps:C]. When they are completed, Task Template [itsmps: D] starts. The following figure illustrates advanced template definitions in TMS.

Advanced template definitions in TMS

The administrator adds the Task Group Template [itsmps:0] task group template to any BMC Remedy application that runs on Remedy AR System, for example, Change Management or some other application you have created.

At runtime, users of the Change Management application (for example, the change manager) can select the Task Group Template 0 task group template from inside a change request. The change manager assigns all the tasks to task users. When the task user begins working on Task [itsmps:A] and finishes it, it is set to Closed. The next task user is then notified to start on Task Template [itsmps:B]. When all the tasks are Closed or Canceled, the task group is set to Closed.

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