This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Change Management.

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Release status transitions - Draft to complete with task phase management enabled

  1. When a release request is created, it is in the Initiate milestone and Draft status.
  2. When the release request moves to the next stage, its status changes to Initiation Approval for the Initiate milestone
  3. Complete approvals required for the release request.
  4. Move the release request moves to the next milestone.
  5. After the Initiate milestone, the release goes through the Planning, Build, Test, Deployment, and Close Down milestones. Each milestone follows the same status transition.  When the release request moves through the process flow:
    • If approvers are mapped to the milestone, the request remains in the approval phase until it is approved by the assigned approvers. The status is set to Initiation Approval.
    • If no approvers are mapped, the request moves to the planning phase and the status is set to In Progress. A release coordinator must move the release request forward.
  6. When in the approval phase, the release request requires the record to be approved to move it to the next milestone. When the request is approved, the request must be saved and then moved to the next milestone.


    If the release request is approved from the Approval Server, the approval status of the release request is automatically updated and you can move the release request forward.

  7. For any milestone, if activities are defined:
    • Any tasks associated with the associated activities must be completed and their status set to Closed before the activity can be marked as Completed.
    • If configured, all activities related to that milestone must be completed and closed before the record can be moved to the next milestone. For more information about this configuration option, see Configuring activity rules.
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