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Release coordinator role

Release coordinators use the Release Management application to monitor issues pertaining to the daily aspects of Release Management activities and how they can help their staff meet their commitments to the organizations they support.

The release coordinator in ITIL terminology is typically a member of the support staff who is responsible for the following release tasks:

Release coordinator responsibilities



Manages all aspects of the end-to-end release process

Makes sure the build and test environment team and the release team are coordinated. Establishes final release configuration, builds the final release delivery, and tests the final delivery before independent testing.

Creates releases, change requests, and activities

Creates release manifest that consists of change requests and activities, and reviews the RFCs if they have been passed on from BMC Remedy Change Management. Deals with release, distribution, and installation of packaged software.

Submits the release request for approval

Whether a release request requires approval is determined by your organization's business rules. The application administrator configures the approval process to determine which approval phases are available for the release request.

Plans and schedules the release

Organizes and facilitates the CAB meetings; schedules the release request. Determines the impact by assessing the different kinds of risks. Splits the requirements of releases into logical groups that can be handled efficiently by change coordinators. Prepares a business case for a new release when additional funding is needed for its implementation. Schedules people and resources to implement each task.

Initiates the implementation of releases.

Decides on corrective actions as needed. Estimates the costs of the release request. Coordinates release acceptance, rollout planning, release communications, preparations and training activities, and distribution and installation of releases. Provides management information about Release Management quality and operations.

Closes release requests

A release request is resolved when all work for the release is completed. Organizes and conducts post-implementation meetings to collect improvement suggestions for future releases.

The release coordinator is usually responsible for addressing general, day-to-day issues from a personnel and customer satisfaction standpoint.

The release coordinator requires the following permissions and functional roles:

  • The Release Coordinator functional role is required to be assigned as the Release Coordinator for individual releases.
  • Membership in your company's support group is required to create release templates for that group.
  • Release User permission is required for access to release and manifest records.
  • Release Config permission to setup and modify the Release Module configuration forms.
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