This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Change Management.

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Relating CIs to alternate datasets

When you open the Change form, different datasets are available when relating CIs to a change request:

  • Personal Preference Change Data Set (CDS) — When you open the Change form, the personal preference change dataset is loaded as a global setting from your application preference settings. If this setting is blank, the production dataset is loaded from the AST:AppSettings form.
    For more information, see Setting application preferences.
  • Production Data Set (PDS) — If there is no CDS, the PDS is loaded as the global setting. The PDS value is taken from the dataset field on the AST:AppSettings form.
  • Alternate Data Set (ADS) — Field on Change form on the Relationships tab that enables you to select a different dataset other than the CDS or PDS.


    For more information about datasets, see Changing datasets Open link in the Asset Management documentation.

You must understand the following restrictions if you use an alternate dataset when relating CIs:

Configuration items

Alternate Data Set field

Dataset preference


If there are no CIs related to the change



You can select the ADS as needed. After you start working on the change request, the setting of the ADS is the dataset that you selected last.

If there are no CIs related to the change



PDS is used.

Important: An empty Alternate Data Set field is equivalent to using the PDS.

If CIs are related to the change


Not applicable

Alternate Data Set field is locked. If you relates a CI with the ADS, you must save the change to save the ADS.

Important: There is no database rollback on the relationships.

If all related CIs are removed


Whatever the last value is

When all related CIs are removed, the Alternate Data Set field becomes editable. If you clear the Alternate Data Set field when it is editable, the dataset is PDS.


  • The CDS is the default value, and is used only if ADS is set to CDS when you relate a CI. If you choose the PDS, you must clear the Alternate Data Set field.
  • When the status of the change reaches Closed, the change is locked for everyone except the Change Master. Only the Change Master can make modifications to a change request in the Closed status, including adding and removing relationships. For the Change Master, the Alternate Data Set field behaves the same way as when the relationship is not locked.

To relate CIs from alternate datasets

  1. In the Relationships tab, choose a dataset from the Alternate Data Set list, for example, BMC Asset. Depending on the applications installed, you might see the following options:
    • BMC Asset
    • BMC Configuration Import
    • BMC Sample Dataset

      Alternate Data Set field
  2. Relate CIs from the alternate dataset as needed.
    The CI Relationships Search dialog box enables you to search for and relate CIs from the alternate dataset.
  3. Save the change request.

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