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Registering time segments

Registering time segments in Remedy Change Management works like a calendering system — if you schedule a meeting in a certain conference room, nobody else can reserve the conference room at the same time. Similarly, you can block out time segments around business events (such as company holidays), categorizations (Operational Category 1, 2, or 3, and location of the change), or CIs. Time segments enable you to define windows of time that you can designate as available or unavailable when working on a change request. An available time segment can specify that a CI is available for use, while an unavailable time segment can be used to schedule planned maintenance.

When you create a change request that modifies a CI, for example, you must replace a mission-critical server, you can schedule a time segment for the CI that shows it is unavailable to the rest of the support staff. If another member of the support staff wants that CI to be available, they should schedule their own change in a different time segment.

Time segments enable you to perform the following tasks:

  • Search available time segments to schedule the change request.
  • Connect the selected time segments to the change request's operational categorization or to a business event based on location.
  • Create time segments or use time segments around the associated CIs.
  • Select unavailable time segments from the associated CIs to help you plan the Scheduled Start or End Date and time for the change request.
  • Select from available time segments from the associated CIs to help schedule work to be done.

For more information about business time and time segments, see Defining business schedules using Business Time Open link  in the Remedy Action Request System documentation.

For more information about registering time segments in Change Management, see:

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