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Recommendation for managing release requests

As with Change Management, the Release Management module is role-based. What applications you can access, and how much information you can view or modify is dependent upon your role. As the Process Flow Status bar steps you through the milestones of a release request, different roles perform different tasks. The Release Coordinator creates the release request at the Initiate milestone, the Release Approver approves the release at the Build milestone, and the Activity Assignee completes the activity at the Deployment milestone.

Best practice

We recommend that you define approvals at the Build milestone. However, you can define approvals at each milestone of the Release Management process.

How each person uses Release Management depends on their role. The following figure illustrates the different Release Management support staff roles. It also shows where each role fits into the milestones of the release request lifecycle.


Approvals might not apply to all milestones in a release request. For example, you see a Build approval if the application administrator mapped an approver to the Build approval phase.

Recommendation for managing release requests

To simplify the release request process, the following table navigates you through the Change Management documentation. It provides a map of BMC recommendations that you should follow, when you use the Release Management module.


Role and task

1a - Initiate

Release Coordinator creates the release request, change request, and activity. For more information, see Initiate milestone - Creating release requests.

1b - Initiate

CAB approves the release request.

2a - Planning

Release Coordinator plans release request, uses Change Calendar to check for conflicts.

  1. Reviews Change Calendar
  2. Enter start and end dates

For more information, see Planning milestone - Planning and scheduling the release request.

2b - Planning

CAB approves the release request.

3a - Build

Release Coordinator oversees the release builds. For more information, see Build milestone - Building a controlled environment for the release.

3b - Build

CAB approves the release request.

4a - Test

Release Coordinator oversees the testing of the new service, to make sure CIs meet specifications and requirements. For more information, see Test milestone - Testing the release.

4b - Test

CAB approves the release request.

5a - Deployment

Release Coordinator rolls release out to the business. Starts phased or non-phased deployment of release.

5b - Deployment

CAB approves the release request.

5c - Deployment

Change Manager executes change request in its Deployment phase. For more information, see Deployment milestone - Rolling out the release to the business.

5d - Deployment

Task Implementer executes task in its Deployment phase.

5e - Deployment

Activity Assignee executes task in its Deployment phase.

6 - Closed

Release Coordinator completes the change request. For more information, see Close Down milestone - Completing release requests.

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